Thoughts as I try to art.

I try sometimes, it doesn't mean I succeed.



Anonymous asked: the picture of Cal on your candle, where is that from? thank you! sorry if you have already answered this

Rescue me, season 1episode 2 :D

cosmicbomb-deactivated20140925 asked: Are you selling the Calvin candle? IT'S PERFECTION OH MY GOD.

Naw I’m sorry. But it only cost me like 2 bucks to make.

Buy one of those blank jesus candles, print out some pictures, glue some stuff on and perfecto! 

I kinda disagree with this a lot….

I know the girl shes talking about, named Nadia… There is still bullying, but there always will be in every school. It’s nothing compared to what it used to be. 

Anonymous asked: What is it like at your school? Do people avoid the subject of the shootings or only talk about it solomly or is it a normal thing to mention? Do some kids get super interested in it and others avoid any area things happened in?

Most kids know a bit about it, no one really tries to ignore it. Some kids get pissed and bitter about it, some kids crack jokes. A lot of teachers are pretty open about it, and some wont even recognized it ever happened. It really just depends on who you are talking to about it. Me and all of my friends see it as something to learn from, we don’t see Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as monsters, we see them as two kids who messed up big time, but were still humans. 

I got a cool Rebel Pride Forever pin :3

I got a cool Rebel Pride Forever pin :3

Sometimes I forget how fucking weird my school can be… 


Was asked about what music I like. Here is a favorite artist….


This was my middle school jam, oh my gosh. T__T

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If this whole Brooks Brown thing turns out like Cole Sprouse I am going to chop off my own head.